March Of Doom

:: March of Doom::

The march of doom plays in my head
The sound of mourners surrounding my bed
Lacrimosa a fitting song
As my coffin is brought to the burial ground
The thud of dirt
The stench of lye
The rain of orchids to wilt with time
No tears displayed
The mourners sigh
The clouds are low
In a blackened sky
The sound of doom
The mourners come
I awoke from this dream
To the sound of the drums

2003 ~ Bonnie Jean Higgins

Skinned Knees (first 2013 poem)

~ Skinned Knees ~

She misses her once upon a time
Even if she never knew it was there
Ideas of happiness
Ideas of forever
Girlhood dreams
She is grown now
Although she just skinned her knee
And a wistful look
Engulfs her big green eyes

©Bonnie Jean Higgins
February 1, 2013


The Dreamscape Poetess

The Dreamscape Poetess

The Rift

::The Rift::

It’s starting to happen again
The clouds form warning of rain
Her tower offers no protection
Since it crumbled and faded away

The angel stares at the sky
Midnight wings dormant at her sides
Eyes wide open
No words spoken
Shell shocked her fear starts to rise

She let him come into her world
He found the lost little girl
Too much he sees
But not willing to flee
He stands still to take it all in

The rift between the angel and the prince
A dark deep bottomless pit
They can see each other’s eyes
Across the jagged divide
And wonder when this separation will end

The angel feels fog at her feet
She turns her face so he will not see her weep
Should she walk away
Or should she stay
After all the prince holds the key.

Bonnie Jean Higgins



Sadly there will never be
A future holding you and me
Luna plays a vengeful game
And keeps us spinning light years away
Alone I waltz on Saturn’s stardust
Alone I skip in her rings
And you so far on Andromeda’s star
Cannot do a thing
I toss my wishes into the milky way
Praying that they take flight
A nebula of unborn dreams that shall never burn with light
Andromeda spins in her beautiful way taking you along
At least she is there to hold you
And kiss you in the morn.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

Lost At Sea

Two tortured hearts

Lost out at sea

Lost for eternity

Once, twice

Their lights have crossed

Just a whisper through words and thoughts

Then out into the blackened sea

To drift alone in misery

Two tortured hearts

With souls so deep

With passions hiding in the guise of sleep

Two hearts full of pain and broken dreams

Scared to reach out to destiny

Scared of the things they see in dreams

Scared that reality could give them wings

Two tortured hearts

Lost at sea

Once or twice their paths may meet

When will they anchor to destiny

And admit their souls are twins.


By Bonnie Jean Higgins 02-02-03