Ship of Dreams

Sail me away in your ship of dreams

Let the star spray sprinkle my hair

Sail me into the ocean of night my love

Let the moonbeams light our way

Show me the planets, the stars, and the sun

Show me the mysteries of space

Let me dance in the milky way my love

Let us waltz to a melody of Chopin

Let us sail away in your ship of dreams

Let the world drift slowly away

Sail us to Paradise my love

Let us forever in dreamland stay.


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 12-13-01

14 Days

Two weeks into Lithium

I still feel some pain

I feel the  lack of me

I cannot find my words

I cannot find the colors in my head

Lithium haze

I want to be me again

I lost Clyde a month ago

Lithium came 14 days ago

Lithium calms Bonniestormcloud

but Steals her words

It’s time to take my Lithium



Pisces Dreams under Scorpio’s Moon

Dreaming Pisces Dreams Under Scorpio’s Moon

My lake of diamond ripples

Enticing my poetic heart

I toss Neptune his coin

Tribute for his beautiful water

 I am Neptune’s daughter

And when I take my last breath

My ashes will go to my father

In the deep ocean depths

But for now I sit content

Dreaming Pisces dreams

At my diamond lake


Bonnie Jean Higgins

Her name is unknown… followed by crows

:: Followed By Crows::

There are mornings when the Sun is not welcome

When the day should not come

When I do not want to greet Dawn

This morning came like a criminal

The big yellow eye

Broke through his window

Fought the skeletons

And caressed my hand

The feeling cold and numb

When the Sun steels my Moon

I know I must go

My time in his bed

In this peace

Are at an end

And minutes will turn to hours turn to days

Until again

I hear his heartbeat in my ear

The whisper of his breath on the crown of my head

This was my home

Outside it is cold

Hearing omens brought by crows

As I head south

Far away from home

Bonnie Jean Higgins

March 2012

Feathered Mask

:: Feathered Mask ::

she is but a dream to his loving heart

Her reality hiding in the dark

Her illusions she spreads like a feathered mask

To cover her soul so none can pass

Pictures she sells you

When you ask of her life

A painting to show you

That everything is alright

Rainbows she creates

When you ask of her heart

Smoky visions from her romantic art

Rainbows, visions, illusions and masks

Smoke and mirrors at every pass

She is but a dream to his loving heart

Her love is hiding in the dark

Her illusions spread a feathered mask

To cover her soul so none can pass


Bonnie Jean Higgins