She Saw The Moon

~She Saw The Moon~

A sigh escapes from bluish lips
A feather falls
to the dungeons floor
A hand so pale
Touches leaden bars
A tear so small
Is lost in the dark
A threadbare gown
Once frothy white lace
A shock of hair
Covers her face
She looks at the only glimpse of the Moon
Allowed in this Demons keep
Her feathers once of midnight blue
Now fall to the floor in ones and twos
A pile she uses to place her head
As nightmares take her away

Bonnie Jean Higgins ~ 2003

My Moon, My Muse

My Moon, My Muse

My Moon, My Muse

:: My Moon, My Muse ::

From my poetry spot
I watch the moon
Her silver light casting shadows in the forest around me
She is a muse
She is a spell weaver
She changes her colors to fit her mood
From my poetry spot
I watch the moon
The stars are her children and they twinkle their wishes in the sky
She is always there
Watching my little world
Enchanting my dreams
And filling my mind with poetry


Photo courtesy of Bonnie’s Dreamscape Photography

Colbalt Gown ~ 04-22-05

Garnet lines
Ivory skin
Emerald eyes
Darkened lids
Ruby lips
Angelic smile
Cobalt gown
Catches fire
Burning flesh
Smoking tears
Fearless mind
Tortured years
Cobalt gown
Catches fire
Singing softly
Funeral Pyre