Fog of Confusion

::Fog of Confusion::

There is a fog of confusion that sometimes clouds my brain

When surrounded by this fog I am lost inside my pain

I have tried to let the fog sleep

But my low moods bring it back

Then I have to start all over again

To bring my serenity back

This never ending battle between the normal and insane

Often leaves me in awe of the skittishness of my brain

I need a star inside my head to always shine so bright

To keep the fog from returning and mucking up my life.

by Bonnie Jean Higgins


Marisol and clyde spinning tonight


Dizzy night with clyde
Luna is pretty
She smiles on us
Recycle the cobalt blue bottle
Dizzy bonnie
Modern apothecary
Belladonna eyes
Focus is fading
Too hard to type
Gonna go find clyde
Smoke one more cigg
Spinning earth
Laying on clydes sholder
Safe happy loved
We will soon both be caribbean fools
The beach is calling
Where can belladonna be found

B.j.h.  08-11-2011