Neptune’s Daughter Dreams

Sleepy eyes
Find solace
In the world
Ruled by the stars
And father Neptune
Holds back storms
As Morpheus
Brings a much needed dream
Crashing Waves
On a stone tower
Fade into
An oft dreamed
Moonlit meadow
But this time
Sleepy eyes
Do not dream alone


November & Neptune

There were no seashells to be found
Six days I had looked
Neptune must have been on another shore
I prepare to leave my ocean
I prepare to say goodbye
To the boy with the shadowed eyes
He plans to bring me back soon
But I missed a chance
To dream seashore dreams
To look at the stars
Reflected in my indigo ocean
I failed to capture a picture
Of our shadows in the sand
A feeling of dread comes over me
As sand is traded for pavement
In my heart I knew
I would not be back again

B.J.H. 06-21-2013
Based on events of November 2012 VA Beach

Neptune’s Daughter

::Neptune’s Daughter::

There is no moon tonight
She sits atop the dune and stares at the black ocean
Voices from the deep have called her while she sleeps
And now she sits at the edge of the sea waiting
The waves are patiently beckoning for her to join their dance
White caps rush to the shore
Caressing her fingertips
There is no moon tonight
As she stands upon the sand
Inching ever closer
To hold King Neptune’s hand
And in an elegantly mystic moment
The sea calls her home
And on this moonlit night
The sand dune stands alone

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

This Poem is Dedicated to a sweet friend of mine who adored the ocean. She Passed away September 17, 2012

Rest In Peace Sandi


Seashore Daydreams by Neptune’s Daughter

:: Seashore Daydreams::

White caps break long before they reach the shore

Sent from the churning ocean

Kissing an endless horizon

That I can only dream of following

The Sun sets in hues of cornflower blue

Calm and serene

Above Neptune’s restless realm

The horizon I long to go to

To sail to

I want to it follow forever

Seashore daydreams

Just a fleeting passing shimmer

When I wake up in the morning

The white caps

Crashing and pounding

Will fade away to become

Just a picture in my camera

~ ~ ~

Bonnie Jean Higgins

Rehoboth Beach Delaware

March 2012