She Saw The Moon

~She Saw The Moon~

A sigh escapes from bluish lips
A feather falls
to the dungeons floor
A hand so pale
Touches leaden bars
A tear so small
Is lost in the dark
A threadbare gown
Once frothy white lace
A shock of hair
Covers her face
She looks at the only glimpse of the Moon
Allowed in this Demons keep
Her feathers once of midnight blue
Now fall to the floor in ones and twos
A pile she uses to place her head
As nightmares take her away

Bonnie Jean Higgins ~ 2003

Spider Web

~ Spider Web ~

Spider web
Ghostly threads
Caught my heart
My soul is bled
Glowing eyes
Wrap me tight
Shuts out the light
For breath I fight
Velvet voice
Laughs at me
I don’t want to hear
I cannot flee
Spider web
With dew drops glow
Luminescent threads
Feel so cold
Glowing eyes
Gaze at me
I don’t want to see
The sea of green
Velvet voice
In my dreams
I am whimpering
For the spider web
Has captured me
Lulling me from safety
Into nothing but spider webs
Ghostly threads
Invade my head
Spider webs
Ghostly threads
Caught in nightmares of spider webs

~ Bonnie Jean Higgins ~

No End To Night


Falling faster then light can move
Quickly sucked into her world of gloom
Struggling to reach the diminishing light
Fighting the fear that holds her so tight
Her heart is in turmoil begging for hope
Her mind is in denial not wanting to cope
A soul receding into the darkening gloom
The nightmare casting a spell on the moon
Traces of feathers at the edge of the cliff
No sign of struggle
No sign of a slip
No trace of her halo
No glimpse of her light
The angel once again
Trying to end her fight
Angels are forever
And so are their wings
No matter how broken
No matter how weak
I cry for the angel who is ending her life
For she will never see the end of night

Bonnie Jean Higgins ~~ December 30, 2009

Claim Me

::Claim Me::

Sleep is trying to claim me

I fight to keep it off

Dreams are trying to take me

I write to stay awake

I fear the pain that awaits me

When my eyes close to the light

I fear the thought of waking

And looking at my life

An altered life I found in dreams

But the dreams turned to torment me

Wanting to sleep not to dream

Wanting to cry not to scream

Wanting someone to rescue me


Bonnie Jean Higgins

Maybe In the Spring….

::Marisol Stage Left::

She blinks and wakes

To a new existence




She blinks again

She must be dreaming


Night terrors

Bad Trip

Blink, Blink

Hot tears bleed from

Green eyes streaked red



Not drying

She blinks and blinks

She realized


Exited stage left

Maybe she will come again in the spring

Only Clyde knows….

B.J.H. 12-24-2011