Screams ~ 2003

They are always in the back of my mind
I hate to write always of screams
SCREAM….. you can never scream loud enough
Can screams somehow release your pain?
It never works for me
But… I continue to scream
My mind screams and screams
As I scream I smile at you and you think everything is fine
Do you scream in silence as well?

Early 2003 BJH

Night Whispers 03-28-04

::Night Whispers::

I feel the wind whisper in my ears
It brings a chill that I feel deep within my bones
It’s whispers are hollow like a disembodied voice
Telling me of my folly
Laughing at my tears
Scolding me for my feelings
The wind blows through my air
Icy wisps that crawl down my neck
That sink into my skin
Filling me with the coldness of death
Biting my skin
Stinging my eyes
And invisible presence on this somber night
It taunts me
Reminds me
Mocks me
GO AWAY, I scream
Let me be in my hell
I do not need to remember
For it is branded on my lips
The touch of him
I scream to no avail at the haunting wind


Black Sun

Today is not a good day
One of those old school
un-medicated feeling fatal days
that give you the shakes
Sitting with Mr. Sun
Not helping
Started crying
Can’t say why
Tears just keep rolling down my face
No sleep for four days
Was dancing on white waves
One of those days
When you feel the ground
Crumble beneath your feet
It’s not in my best interest
To be alone today
How can I drive
With teardrop eyes?
Feels like I am falling
That dark pit I used to love
The Red River misses me
Everyone says I am so strong
today is not a good day
I hate to sob
I don’t want nightmares
when I sleep

BJH 04-15-2011 1:30pm