Sunset beyond the fence

Sunset beyond the fence

:: Sunset Beyond The Fence ::

The sun sets in beautiful colors of orange and pink

It makes me sad

The light is gone and I prepare

For another long January night

That sunset is free though

Beyond the fence that I am always sent back to

My eyes are wet

Thoughts on loved ones sick or missed

Luna is coming and Orion too


This cold January night

I would prefer sunlight to starlight



Winter at my poetry spot

:: Glass and Orion ::

It’s a cold winter

My mind is on the ocean

Cool winds in april

Burning stars in October

Have’nt seen Assateague in a couple years

Heard today they might cut of my Lighthouse

Sad news

Life’s yo-yo kept me away

But tonight

I find solace

A little patch of sand

Shore of a glass lake

There is a dolphin in the name

I sitĀ  on a dockĀ  this cold winter night

Rocking peacefully

Star wishing in Orion’s belt

Dreams of an ocean I have not seen

A breeze will carry me there