Willow Revisited



Through a veil of green willows
He sees her at the lake
Her hair is full of wildflowers
Her gown of lavender lace
His eyes are a mist of daydreams
His heart like the wings of a bird
His strong demeanor shaken as he gazes through the woods
Afraid of the feelings that dwell inside
He turns to leave this place
No ready at this time to discover the visions face
With head hung low he walks to his steed
Unaware of the shadow that follow
When a hand warm and tender touches the hem of his cloak
A shudder runs deep and he turns around
His eyes lock with the lady of the lake
A kiss so soft she grants him
then shimmers and fades away
The tales he had heard form the time of his youth replay themselves in his mind
The phantom bride of the lake
Had kissed his mouth this night
A smile so bright emerges on his face as he gives his steed a wink
He will come back another time and the bride on the lake will be his.

Revised 01.20.05
BJH/All Rights Reserved