Friends…… the small things they do.. can last a lifetime

::My Dearest::
You’ve heard me laugh
You’ve felt me cry
You’ve watched as my world has crumbled
You’ve seen me dream
You’ve seen me fly
And you have been there when I stumble
Through all the years and hours and words
you have stayed a loyal friend
I know you dream of us forever
But for now we must remain only friends
I know we had a dream of two
And some where we lost our way
Even when our words were angry
Friends we have always stayed
I love you still and I will always be near
If ever you should lose your way
And maybe that dream of two
Might come back to life one day
Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved
~Written for my dear friend Paul D. Aronson and published Author ~

Still she Smiles

Cover of "Resurrection Diaries"

Cover of Resurrection Diaries

This was written for me by a dear friend and Published author Paul D. Aronson author of Resurrection Diaries

“Still She Smiles”

I don’t know why but still she smiles

And its warmth says it’s going to be alright

Light touch of lipstick like small sunshine

This is her holding on ray of light

The world sometimes crashes around her

I can see it there in her eyes

But there’s a strength that not many see

Born of  man’s deceit and lies

Her worn care tells me she’s a mother

Her spirit glows from deep within

Though her heart’s given up on love

Still sometimes she needs a friend

The night often gets far too lonely

She clutches a pillow and softly sighs

Wishing that she wasn’t so alone here

But remembering how she hates goodbye

I wonder often just how she does it

Wearing a brave face to the world

But beneath the surface is her weakness

And dreams of when she was a girl

I see she’s beautiful inside and out

Her very soul can light up the room

And I always wait too long to tell her

The things I should say soon

I adore her in so many ways

But I know she doesn’t need me

Still I can’t help but to want her in my arms

Just to feel her softly breathe

So this is me, always the admirer

Who sees the woman she was for awhile

Before the world crumbled all around her

And yet somehow still she smiles

by Paul D. Aronson

Paul thank you for pushing me to write and always being there