Green Upon Green

Green upon green
Water drenched trees
Under a canopy I write
Comforted by the sounds of twilight

Green turns to gray
As the day starts to fade
The colors go home
When the Moon takes the throne

Still I sit here and write
A poets delight
Under a canopy of trees
Touched by a gentle spring breeze

Gray turns to blue
As the stars come in view
I must go back home
To my fortress of stone

Green upon green
My eyes you have seen
My voice you have heard
My words you now read

Bonnie Jean Higgins
©March 12, 2013
~ Inspired by a Willow Tree after a Rainstorm ~




The Poet

~ The Poet ~

Sitting on a dock in the middle of the lake
Long hair curling in the mist
Stars falling to Earth
Moonlight in her eyes
In her hand rests a book
Crickets chirp and chime
As she writes her lines
She is in her own make-believe world
Wind dances in her hair
There are Castle’s in her stare
The words she writes
Release her soul

Bonnie Jean Higgins

This poem is about my poetry spot at Lake Montclair


Indigo Night

Indigo Night
Drifting along on the indigo sea
Trading secrets with the stars
Grabbing a hold of a comets tail
Soaring off into eternal night
Forget the things on Earth that hold me
Away from the sun that shines so coldly
Fly into the shadow of a winters new moon
Entertain Andromeda with the sound of my flute
Leave this world that keeps me surrounded
By people who’s ideas keep me grounded
Into the mist of the teardrop night
Up to the indigo ocean I fly
Trading secrets with the stars
Sleeping sweetly in Saturn’s arms.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved


Stories 1995 (my second published work)

A candle flickers

Someone sighs

A hawk screeches

Something dies

The princess in the tower stares at the moon

The prince who would save her

Hangs from a noose

Wolves prowl the hillside

Where campers sleep in peace

The old woman in the window

Has been dead for weeks

A pigeon lands on a bench in the middle of Central Park

A cat jumps out to catch it and stop it’s beating heart

I sit by my window and write by the light of the moon

These sweet poetic stories with love from me to you



By Bonnie Jean Higgins January 9, 1995

Some things Never change

:: And the Table Shall Walk::

i always do this

Pick the wrong table

the one that tilts and rocks

It is an adventure going to the mall

The food court scares the bejesus out of me

Too many people

Food with “special” ingredients

Probably for out back

No doubt it will kill you

Eat at your own risk

The mall was much cooler

When I was a teen

You could smoke

dodge rent-a-cops

But alas,

Even then

I got the table that tried to walk.

~February 27, 2012~

Bonnie Jean Higgins