Angel Screams

Rain keeps falling

Tears keep churning

Demons calling

Fears returning

I scream to stop it

No-one answers

I pull at my hair

I cringe in despair

Utter rage is creeping

Hellish wings are beating

The Angel is madly weeping

And all this I cannot stop

Wind is swirling

Voices laughing

Haunted faces

Come to visit

Screaming visions

Seeing demons

I cannot stop these games

I feel the pain

I feel the horror

I just give up

To the howling Sorcerer

My mind is crumbling

My ears are bleeding

Can you hear it?

The Angel is SCREAMING


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 02/17/03

Write Me Away

Write me away to the place of your dreams

Show me with words the visions you see

Draw me a world holding only you and me

My finger shall trace the words of your pen

As I read them by candlelight with trembling hand


Write me away to the world of your fantasy

Show me with pen-strokes the things that you feel

Draw a place where our destiny awaits

I shall caress the words of your pen in adoration

By the palace gates I will patiently be waiting


I would write you a song that held all of heaven

I would whisper you words that held hints of passion

I could sing you away to the sweet world of dreamland

As I sit here and write you with utmost devotion


by Bonnie Jean Higgins ~ Mid 2003

Clyde’s Poetry Reading

I wrote this little series while Caribbean Fool and I were in Richmond where he did his first poetry reading. Near the end of the reading with some coaxing I went up and read these little poems that I had wrote while observing this whole event. Talk about no time to edit LOL.

Part 1 ~ Dinner

Waiting for the waiter
Looking at the menu
Yeah we know what to order
Talk, Laugh
forgot, not sure what we wanted
Waiter takes order
Clyde takes a round-about way
to say no cheese on his burger
Exit waiter stage left
Laugh at Clyde
Goofy smile and fuzzy eyes
smoke to much Clyde?
Waiter back
Confirms order laughing
so what will happen
When dinner gets here
Gotta get to the poetry reading

Part 2 ~ Anticipation

Anticipation in the room
But only me?
Maybe everyone
Anxiety, excitement
Yes…. that is me
Clyde is going to live a dream
I get to see it
Be There
All six senses alive
Absorbing this virgin moment
My poet soon to stand
In front of an audience
first time to share his written word
Words that have been read by many
Heard by a handful
Felt by none
His feelings alone
Smiles on my face
So proud
Shutterbug moment
Document this moment
His dream
I am sharing it
Waiting for his voice to fill the room with words

Part 3 ~ Idle Chatter

Idle chatter
Get on with the event
Random conversations
Words slushed together
I can’t pay attention
Escape these conversations
Meet and greet
Get to know your audience
Fellow writers/readers
I’m not reading today – nor will I ever
Recording this – Clyde’s dream
In sloppy documentation
Illegible left hand
State Farm courtesy paper – love my agent
Clyde gives me a notepad
Easier to write – He rocks
Chit chat
Music history
I just smile at the animation
Get on with the event

Part 4 ~ Clyde Reads

He stands up
Shuffles his feet
words finally breaking free
Everyone to hear his thoughts
I am so proud
He reads one written for me
I blush
Afraid of the subject matter
No worries
Just reading about the plastic stars
Starbright wishes
Clyde beams
I beam brighter
So much pride for him
Living his dream
I keep this moment
In the locket in my heart
One day
He will live this moment with me

~ The End ~

Bonnie Jean Higgins 04-22-2011