Double Edged Words

Double Edged Words

The words sat before her
A blessing and a curse
For so long she has wanted to see them
For so long she denied their truth
She had cast away that memory
Disregarded it as the power of the full moon
Said in the past on a whim
But forgotten over the passing of time
Said in a talk of passion
But disregarded now that the rings are entwined
The words sat before her
A blessing and a curse
Tears filled her eyes
Causing the words to blur
For he had written I Love You
And she knew his heart to be true
Even though he was just married
His heart was still partially hers
She wiped the tears from her lashes
And bid him sweet good night
In his dreams she would come to him
In her dreams she would be his bride.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

She Saw The Moon

~She Saw The Moon~

A sigh escapes from bluish lips
A feather falls
to the dungeons floor
A hand so pale
Touches leaden bars
A tear so small
Is lost in the dark
A threadbare gown
Once frothy white lace
A shock of hair
Covers her face
She looks at the only glimpse of the Moon
Allowed in this Demons keep
Her feathers once of midnight blue
Now fall to the floor in ones and twos
A pile she uses to place her head
As nightmares take her away

Bonnie Jean Higgins ~ 2003

Mind Shards

:: Mind Shards::

Pick through the pieces of my broken heart

Try to find one that carries no stains

There is blood on your hands

Brands on your skin

Wash them but they won’t fade away

Pick through the debris of my storm tossed soul

Look for a glimmer of light

Darkness you see

Darkness you smell

Notice the lack of any life

Pick through the shards of my shattered mind

I hope you are taking this all in

My slivers of history

My double edged memories

This is why I never let anyone in.

by Bonnie Jean Higgins 08-31-05

Angel Screams

Rain keeps falling

Tears keep churning

Demons calling

Fears returning

I scream to stop it

No-one answers

I pull at my hair

I cringe in despair

Utter rage is creeping

Hellish wings are beating

The Angel is madly weeping

And all this I cannot stop

Wind is swirling

Voices laughing

Haunted faces

Come to visit

Screaming visions

Seeing demons

I cannot stop these games

I feel the pain

I feel the horror

I just give up

To the howling Sorcerer

My mind is crumbling

My ears are bleeding

Can you hear it?

The Angel is SCREAMING


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 02/17/03

Claim Me

::Claim Me::

Sleep is trying to claim me

I fight to keep it off

Dreams are trying to take me

I write to stay awake

I fear the pain that awaits me

When my eyes close to the light

I fear the thought of waking

And looking at my life

An altered life I found in dreams

But the dreams turned to torment me

Wanting to sleep not to dream

Wanting to cry not to scream

Wanting someone to rescue me


Bonnie Jean Higgins