Twilight (Published work written PRIOR to Stephenie Meyer)


Twilight’s reign grows week,
as moonbeams take the throne.
Those of eternal sleep,
will wake for the Sun is gone.
The wind whispers in the trees,
while the spiders run in the grass.
The one being I seek,
will return at last.
The light from his eye’s will guide my way.
The touch of his kiss will smother my pain.
The embrace of his arms will put me in Heaven,
and the song in his voice will linger forever.
The moonbeams glow in the night,
as the wind sings the trees a lullaby.
My love and I will take flight,
and leave the world a kiss goodbye.

Bonnie Jean Higgins
(© 1995)

Moth told me about his dream, I wove it into a poem.

~~ Whispers ~~

A whisper caresses sleeping eyes
A shadow moves away from the bed
Stirring so softly in a bed of white linen
The sleeper raises his head
His drowsy gaze lands on the hooded figure
Standing at his bedchamber door
By instinct he pulls out his dagger intent on slitting the intruder’s throat
The invader steps back, but alas it is to late
He has caught it before it could take flight
With weapon in hand he peers into the depths
of the thin midnight blue frock
He pulls back the hood with the tip of his blade
And stops as he sees a girls face
Before him stands a wide eyed damsel
With an innocent smile on her lips
Green eyes dancing red hair burning
And under her cloak she wears not a stitch
She takes a step forward and gazes into his eyes
And whispers a kiss on his lips
He reaches to take her, but she is much quicker
She is gone leaving nothing but her scent
As he looks around dazed
A voice drifts his way telling him she will return
Some distant night she will take flight
And bring him up to her home
Her tower in dreamland
Her home of enchantment
She promises forever that she will be his
But until that time all he will find
Are whispers on his sleepy lips

Bonnie Jean Higgins


Ocean Embrace

Watery wind

Crashing white foam

Sand dancing delicately

on the moonlit shore


Pale blue silk

Sea sprayed gown

Water-drop pearls

decorate a rose colored mouth


Coral toe tips

Ocean embrace

Pale white face

eyes open and breathless


A name on her whisper

A face in her mind

Ocean fog coming

To capture it’s bride


Footprints flooded

With silky dark waves

Not on this night

She is not the ocean’s to claim.


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 8-15-05

the marisol poems…

the marisol poems….

Dreamscape Poetry

Dreamscape Poetry

I write about angels, demons and screams
I write about princes, castles and dreams
I write about emotions and mystical things
I write about love and the blood that it brings

I write for poets, for lovers and me
I write for enemies and emotional release
I write for breath, for death, for need
I write to calm my stormy seas

I am a princess, a poet, a witch and a muse
I am a fallen angel with wings of blue
I am the ghost of the lake the child of the moon
I am the nightmare that waits to frighten you

I live in a world of fairytales and dreams
In a tower overlooking a moonlit sea
I visit Andromeda and Saturn’s ring
I walk through hell and demon screams

My mind is s trip through heaven and hell
A world of fantasy and wizard spells
Pictures of love and anguish as well
Please take a look and fare the well

by Bonnie Jean Higgins