Dreaming Through November ~ Two Shades of Green

Two Shades of Green

Sea green!!
I have it,
His eyes are sea green.
It has taken me two weeks
To find their color,
I never look into them
For more than a second,
Everyone knows
Eyes are the window
To the soul,
And his eyes,
Perceive much too much
So I keep my emerald eyes
Hidden behind sunglasses
And let him analyze
My blush.

B.J.H. November 2013

Mirrors Are Optional and I can’t Swim

I look at my reflection
I look terrified
Emerald eyes impossibly large and deep
On a watermark face
Those eyes churn like a restless sea
They could drown me
There is much hidden
Below the surface of those green waters
I refuse to jump because I can’t swim
If I am too terrified
To dive under the surface
Of my own eyes….
Why would I expect
Anyone else to?
I turn away from my reflection
I don’t much like mirrors.


they say eyes are the window to the soul..