No goodbye,
Heather was final

She was a seductress
No redemption
And no goodbye

I cry, I hide, I grieve
Heather goes on
She don’t care

Oceans and stillness
Boxes of redemtion
On a Dark Moon
Cannot bring them back

My soul is broken
My heart cannot fathom this

Yet they sleep
At peace
I remain
Stone over a deep ocean


Sunset beyond the fence

Sunset beyond the fence

:: Sunset Beyond The Fence ::

The sun sets in beautiful colors of orange and pink

It makes me sad

The light is gone and I prepare

For another long January night

That sunset is free though

Beyond the fence that I am always sent back to

My eyes are wet

Thoughts on loved ones sick or missed

Luna is coming and Orion too


This cold January night

I would prefer sunlight to starlight



Dark Lord, Lady Light 02-06-1995

Trapped behind glass in a world of silence
A dreamer sits and watches the night
Remembering stories from a time once forgotten
About the dark lord who courts the lady of light
A far off glimmer appears in the gloom
Alas, she comes to dance to her doom
The white gowned angel and the dark demon night
Meet with a sweetness and mixing of light
Their dance as elegant as waltzes of old
Entrance the dreamer with a magickal hold
The courtship of ages comes to a close
As the lord hands the lady a single black rose
Suddenly the angel cries out in fright
And runs away from her dark demon night
She saw in his eyes her own tragic death
When night captures day and the sunlight is quenched
Alas the lord has lost his bride
She has gone to the light forever to hide
As the stars wink out one by one
the dreamer sighs with the coming of dawn

by BJH 02-06-1995
This poem was inspired by a beautiful winter sunset