Dreaming Through November ~ Virgo’s Gaze

Virgo’s Gaze

I am watching the sun set
Below November trees
So brilliant
They all but eclipse
The sun’s fiery decent.
I have been trying to craft
An ending to an
Uncooperative poem.
And even twilight’s show
Fails to inspire me.
With a frustrated sigh
I look up and find myself
Under the intense gaze
Of the Virgo sitting opposite me.
He tilts his head and says;
“You look fetching when
You are lost in thought”.
Maybe it was the timbre
Of his voice
Or the sunset reflected in
His eyes
But magickally
Inspiration found me
And I thanked him with
An unguarded smile,

B.J.H. November 2013
~~ Thank you M.J.G. for that compliment. ~~

Friends…… the small things they do.. can last a lifetime

::My Dearest::
You’ve heard me laugh
You’ve felt me cry
You’ve watched as my world has crumbled
You’ve seen me dream
You’ve seen me fly
And you have been there when I stumble
Through all the years and hours and words
you have stayed a loyal friend
I know you dream of us forever
But for now we must remain only friends
I know we had a dream of two
And some where we lost our way
Even when our words were angry
Friends we have always stayed
I love you still and I will always be near
If ever you should lose your way
And maybe that dream of two
Might come back to life one day
Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved
~Written for my dear friend Paul D. Aronson and published Author ~

Rainbows on the Shore

Indigo sky Outer Banks

::On Ocean Waves::

Ocean waves caress the shore

Pushed by a kiss from the wind

Shadow lovers embrace in the brine

Tasting salt on the others lips

Stormy sky’s don’t last long with Clyde

Orion shoots his wishing stars in a sky

I have never seen

Shadows lovers walk the sand after a rough day ashore

Shells and sea glass

Endless sand

Nothing at all compares to this


Clyde shows me the rainbow

Kissing the ocean.


December 1, 2o11

Happy Holidays Clyde



Clyde s Rainbow

Two Months and Going Strong

:: Our Dog Blue::

I chose it because of the cobalt

Color of the bottle

Because it had a half moon on the label

It tastes pretty good as far as wine goes

It should be called My Dog Blue

I am drinking it alone

I stopped drinking about two months ago


This bottle is for a special occasion

After two days lost to uninvited inturptions

I am toasting this occasion

Sleepy eyed Clyde smiles

Our Dog Blue

B.J.H. May 30 2011

the marisol poems…

the marisol poems….