Double Edged Words

Double Edged Words

The words sat before her
A blessing and a curse
For so long she has wanted to see them
For so long she denied their truth
She had cast away that memory
Disregarded it as the power of the full moon
Said in the past on a whim
But forgotten over the passing of time
Said in a talk of passion
But disregarded now that the rings are entwined
The words sat before her
A blessing and a curse
Tears filled her eyes
Causing the words to blur
For he had written I Love You
And she knew his heart to be true
Even though he was just married
His heart was still partially hers
She wiped the tears from her lashes
And bid him sweet good night
In his dreams she would come to him
In her dreams she would be his bride.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

Road Map Of Contradictions ~ 2010 ~ In Memory April 13, 2012

As asked I am re-posting this poem in the memory of who it was wrote for.

To those who requested this

I love you all very much

Originally  Posted  April 12, 2011

Road Map Of Contradictions


You cannot see what I see
And I cannot feel what you feel
A loss as to the outcome
A conflict that is much to real
Pain for you I cannot fathom
And my fear you cannot grasp
We dance on a sharp edge
A complicated mess
Is it normal what my eyes behold
When you feel no pain
I can only look to the past
Of what I know
And you do not seem the same
Many years have passed us by
And changes have been made
Still you change every day
It is hard to comprehend
I look at you with loving eyes
You fail to see I care
I want to help
To ease your pain
But the cost is hard to bare
Yes this pain is yours my love
It is in your hands alone
You are unable to let me share this burden
You say you must do this on your own
Sadly I am unable to understand
The road map of your thoughts
I will stand and wait for the day
When you can take me along.

BJH ~ 2010


This was inspired by someone whom I loved dearly who struggled with addiction. Sadly not all can be helped. Eventually you have to walk away to save your own life. Good Luck ALP

April 12, 2011

Sad to say the addiction took over and he passed away. Rest In Peace ALP

April 13, 2012


Daffodil thoughts on a silent poet

:: Blank Page ::

I always admired him
His words captured my attention
Sometimes I didn't understand them
But the passion in those words
Told me more than he knew.
The excitement he had
The fire in his eyes when he shared his dreams
It brought me inspiration
His pen is silent now
And a fear creeps into me
He wrote to free  his mind
And at times to regain sanity
I wonder now how he keeps his mind
from shattering
His passion and abstract daydreams
A writer only puts down his pen
When they have given up on living.



Feathered Mask

:: Feathered Mask ::

she is but a dream to his loving heart

Her reality hiding in the dark

Her illusions she spreads like a feathered mask

To cover her soul so none can pass

Pictures she sells you

When you ask of her life

A painting to show you

That everything is alright

Rainbows she creates

When you ask of her heart

Smoky visions from her romantic art

Rainbows, visions, illusions and masks

Smoke and mirrors at every pass

She is but a dream to his loving heart

Her love is hiding in the dark

Her illusions spread a feathered mask

To cover her soul so none can pass


Bonnie Jean Higgins


Let the Masquerade Begin

:: Colorful Illusions::

A kaleidoscope of pictures

Colorful swirls of memories

On a background of indigo

Paintings of delusions

Hiding in illusions

A pretty story to make into my history

Translucent shards of glass

The pieces of my past

Swept in a corner of my room

A key upon my neck

Where all my secrets are kept

It will only open one door

I will show you my illusions

We will live in my delusions

A pretty painting of how it is supposed to be.


Bonnie Jean Higgins